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Japanese Movies: Ringu, Rasen, and Ringu 2 
21st-Jun-2012 04:15 pm
I'm really sorry for my lack of posts this past month. To be honest, I'm not busy, just super lazy. On a side note, thank god its officially summer! The only time I enjoy the heat is when there isn't humidity, which gives you a big poopy feeling, you know what I mean? These past two days, my brother and I have been interested in watching Horror movies late at night since we don't have to get up for school anymore. We re-watched Paranormal Activity 2 (which I believe is the scariest one of the three) and we have been dying to see Ringu since we knew the American version of the Ring was adapted from the Japanese novel and film. So guess what we did? We went to Disc Replay and they had the trilogy of the Ringu series! I was sooo excited! We also bought the Grudge but we all know how that movie bombed. Just got it for the creeps! But I figured since I watched the three of the RIngu trilogy (have yet to watch Ringu 0 yet) I wanted to do a review of the three Japanese movies I watched! If you are considering watching them, I highly suggest you get a little used to subtitles since there is no English dubs on all three of the movies. I have no problem with subtitles since we practically grew up on subtitles. Watched a lot of Godzilla and Japanese movies growing up! But anyways, here it goes! 

Ringu (1998) 

A mysterious video kills whoever views it, unless that viewer can solve its mystery. If you have only seen the American version of 'The Ring' I highly suggest you watch Ringu. My dad was crazy about the American version but when he watched Ringu, he preferred the Japanese one over the American remake. With the two together, there are many similarities but also differences as well. The American remake I found to be more gruesome and focused on the horror a little bit more than the story. In Ringu, all the answers that weren't explained in the American version were answered and I enjoyed the story better, plus at the ending I was very shocked.

The endings are somewhat similar but the ending in Ringu was more complex. Thats as much as I can say about the ending without spoiling it but I enjoyed the movie without a doubt! I've been tempted to watch it again! Nanako Matsushima is absolutely phenomenal and when I saw Hiroyuki Sanada I went nuts! I love Hiroyuki Sanada, especially in the Last Samurai. In conclusion, I highly recommend this film if you haven't seen it! 

Rasen (1998)

A young pathologist seeks answers to the mysterious death of a friend and soon comes into contact with the same cursed videotape that caused the death of the friend's wife and son, which is haunted by the curse of Sadako, a relentless spirit. *Some Spoilers* In the trilogy of the Ringu, Rasen comes before Ringu 2 so of course I watched Rasen before the second. How do I say this nicely? DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. Ok, it started off great, the graphics were amazing for a 90's film, and it seemed to be going well till it got further into the movie. They took Ringu and wanted to explain the deaths as scientific saying it was a 'virus'. They made the hero in the first movie an enemy and the most worst part of all...IT TURNED INTO A J-DRAMA. Legit. I did NOT buy a horror movie to watch a J-drama. It was so awkward watching it with my dad. Even the critics bashed on this movie.  "After their release, Ring became an enormous success while Rasen floundered, quickly becoming the forgotten sequel" (Wikipedia). Its true, and they also stated that Ringu 2 replaces Rasen as the sequel to Ringu since he received so much negative reviews. Do I need to say more? To save yourself some time, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. Just watch Ringu and THEN Ringu 2 because I was confused during Ringu 2 till it stated Rasen wasn't considered the sequel to the second. In conclusion....BOOOO! *throws popcorn* Oh but on a side note, doesn't Kôichi Satô look exactly like Yang Seungho from MBLAQ?! Maybe its the lips....

Ringu 2 (1999)

Reiko takes Yoichi into hiding when her son begins to display frightening powers. Meanwhile, Mai Takano and the authorities begin a desperate search for them, as the mysterious Ring curse spreads. This movie was a breath of fresh air after Rasen. Everything made sense and I actually enjoyed it! The only thing I disliked about this movie was a particular unexpected death and how a completely minor character became the protagonist. There isn't much to say about this film except for the fact I enjoyed it but of course it will never upstage the first! Better than Rasen, thats for sure. Oh and this one was scary as well! Also a betrayal...yikes...but watch this one right after Ringu! You'll enjoy it more than Rasen, trust me.
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